Owner/Operator: Michael Hunt

Head Trainer: Sharon Little

A good complete serenity instructor is one part muse, one part physical fitness professional, and one part teacher. You must be willing to fill all three of these roles when studying to teach complete serenity, or you must seek out someone who fits these criteria. Look below to see what you are looking for in yourself or your new complete serenity instructor.

1. Teaching

Complete serenity instructors must be very good teachers because so many of the techniques are so complex. The techniques could make it very hard for you and the people around you to do anything, but your teacher can give you alternative techniques, explain the techniques, and judge the ability level of everyone in the class. Good complete serenity teachers have given a full explanation of each technique in a calming voice that everyone understands.

2. Muse

The complete serenity instructor you work with must have a soft voice that you can relax to. If you are not able to relax in your complete serenity classes, you get no benefits from the breathing exercises and calming influence of the class. The muse should give you time to think, and they must keep the class quiet so that everyone can have a good time.

3. Physical Fitness Professional

You must know which muscles and tendons you are stretching when people get into their exercises. You must know how the techniques work in conjunction with one another, and you must know what injuries could happen in each technique. You must have an idea of how complete serenity benefits everyone from the bodybuilder to the housewife, and that information must be used to keep the class interesting for everyone in attendance.

You must learn to be a complete serenity instructor who checks all the boxes above, or you must choose a complete serenity instructor who helps you get all these benefits. You are in a safe and healthy place when working with a complete serenity instructor who is willing to teach, keep you calm, and give you good advice. Complete serenity classes are meant to increase your stretch, help you create lean muscle, and allow you time to relax during a long day.